The Nia Robertson Foundation - Scholarship Application Form

  1. “Nia Renee Robertson, a graceful spirit, a giving heart, a beautiful soul....”

    Iggie’s House was created in memory of Nia Renee’ Robertson, a graceful spirit, a giving heart, a beautiful soul... Its mission is to encourage communication and dialogue among young people of all races and cultures. The foundation’s goals are to promote diversity through communications; to create cross cultural experiences and to provide scholarship funding to a deserving individual who embodies these goals. Iggie’s House will keep Nia’s spirit alive by mentoring and encouraging young adults to develop leadership skills, build confidence, and engage in collective endeavors toward the betterment of their community.

    In keeping with the foundation’s vision, Iggie’s House, the Nia Robertson Foundation will award an annual scholarship of $1200.00 to one or more deserving students who embodies the characteristics and passion in securing their own future and finding their rightful place in tomorrow’s world. Scholarships are not automatically renewed, and must be applied for each year.

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  1. Scholarship Personal Statement Form

    In 250 – 500 words, please state why you should be this year’s scholarship recipient. The premise of Iggie’s House, A Nia Renee Robertson Foundation was based on the essence of the following statement: “A Graceful Spirit, A Giving Heart, and a Beautiful Soul.” Given this statement tell us what attributes you possess and what experience in your life which illustrates that type of leadership which preparing for success in a global society


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    Please review your application packet to ensure that you have included the following:
    1. Typed and signed application
    2. Personal Statement (Must use the Personal Statement Form)
    3. Letter of Recommendation from a community service representative
    4. Letter of Recommendation from a non-family member or relative
    5. Official high school or college transcript (minimum GPA of 2.8)

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