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The importance of mentoring relationships becomes evident as we recognize the value of networking and maintaining relationships throughout our professional career and our life in general. The value of a good mentor is immeasurable when it comes to learning the tricks of the trade as well as becoming connected to those in the know and those who possess the ability to help you succeed. When you are starting out in college or new to the workplace you generally know very little; and as most of us who have been around a while know, it’s strange new territory. It’s not just you, but everyone must go through being the “newbie”, we’ve all been there. That’s okay and that’s why we are here…

There may be times when you have a lot going on and are having to make tough decisions about which job or career path to take or you are simply trying to navigate the current work world you’re in. During these times when the vision of the famous painting by Van Gogh comes to your mind, know that there’s help available here at Iggie’s House, Inc. We understand where you are and we are here to help you, and to provide someone in your field of interest to communicate with. Whether you need a mentor to discuss your interest in business, entrepreneurship, dentistry and medicine, law, education, human resources and more, we are here to help and have a cadre of professionals who can talk and communicate with you. Iggie’s House, Inc. also hosts various professional seminars during the year where you can meet face to face with individuals in your profession of interest.

Here’s all you need to do to find one of our mentors, so go for it and join us here at Iggie’s House, inc.


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